primitives community guidelines
primitives community guidelines

primitives community guidelines

at primitives, we are passionate about creating an environment that promotes self-expression, friendship, connection, and creativity. these community guidelines are designed to support these goals while ensuring that we maintain a safe environment for everyone.
these guidelines apply to all content on primitives including moments, messages, and other forms of media. together with our terms of service, they outline the kinds of content and behavior we do not permit on primitives. we expect our community to honor the spirit of the rules. primitives reserves the right to remove any content we determine violates the spirit of these community guidelines.
respect & privacy
on primitives we seek to foster an environment that is supportive and promotes respect towards others.
the following are expressly prohibited:
  • content that promotes harassment, doxxing, hate-speech and bullying of any kind
  • content that supports or includes forms of violence, abuse, extremism, shaming, self-harm, sexually explicit depictions of minors, illegal acts, and dangerous behavior
  • content that discriminates on the basis of race, color, caste, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, immigration status, socio-economic status, age, weight, pregnancy status, or other protected classes
fraud & scams
integrity and trust is central to the primitives community. we do not allow any content that promotes phishing, multi-level marketing, ponzi schemes, or fraudulent investment schemes. any attempts to defraud individuals for personal or financial gain is not permitted.
trademark infringement & intellectual property
content on primitives must abide by intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark law.
  • a copyright is a legal protection that secures original creations (eg. art, videos) or the original expression of an idea
  • a trademark is a legal protection that secures content that is used to identify and/or promote a business (ie. logos, slogans)
copyrighted content cannot be used to sell or or promote goods or services. copyrighted content may be used under fair use doctrine, including for criticism, parody, commentary, education, or research.
wjen in doubt, please give credit or ask for permission for any content you post on primitives that you did not expressly create yourself. for more information, see our copyright dispute policy.
impersonation & false statements
we do not permit impersonation of others (including individuals, celebrities, companies, or other groups). false claims or statements, including unsubstantiated scientific or medical claims, are not allowed. we prohibit spreading false information that causes harm or is malicious, such as denying the existence of tragic events, unsubstantiated medical claims, undermining the integrity of civic processes, or manipulating content for false or misleading purposes.
our community guidelines are evolving and may change over time. any violations to our community guidelines can always be reported to the primitives team by emailing violations of these community guidelines may result in content removal, account suspension, and/or law enforcement notification.