primitives partnerships
primitives partnerships

primitives partnerships

primitives is building the most fun place to create, share, and collect moments with friends. we’d love to work with your brand, organization, or group! our prior partners have included schools, startups, art institutions, restaurants and even a broadway play :)
we allow anyone to easily mint moments – essentially a new kind of digital collectible – that unlocks community, preserves memories, and allows groups to foster relationships. our company values are based around accessibility and ownership. sign up at and inquire below if you’d like to be in touch with our team.

how can i use primitives?

partners have used primitives to create a number of different types of moments.
moments are perfect if you’d like to commemorate an event, reward your community, or connect new friends.
all moments on primitives are free to create and require no existing crypto knowledge or wallet. we’re making moments for everyone! you’ll be able to easily share your moment via a drop link or a qr code.
some common use cases include:
  • event based nfts
  • membership cards
  • rewards/prizes
  • virtual souvenirs

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how do i make a moment?

making a moment is easy! you can easily create an account on primitives to mint a moment yourself for your company/organization (we’ve included an instruction video below!) — if you’d like help from our team, just let us know, we’d be happy to assist 🙂


all primitives moments are nfts that are minted on the solana blockchain. we’ve selected solana because it is carbon-neutral and creates some of the fastest claiming and minting experiences.
there is currently no cost associated with minting moments on primitives. your team will be able to mint up to 100 moments for your community to claim (we can assist you if you need more).
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