primitives faq
primitives faq

primitives faq

primitives is a new social platform that allows anyone to unleash their creativity. on primitives, discover new creators, mint and share work, build collections, and join communities.
below are answers to frequently asked questions—feel free to navigate with the quick access menu or scroll down to find what you’re looking for.

quick access:


what are you building at primitives?
good question! we’re building a social platform that allows anyone to unleash their creativity. on primitives you can discover new creators, mint and share work, build collections, and join communities.
if you’ve ever written a poem, started a sketch, captured a beautiful photo, made a mixtape (or a home video, a remix, a watercolor masterpiece, the list goes on!) then primitives is a home for you.
where to get started? try minting a moment or check out trending content on our discover page.
where do i start to find new communities or creators?
two great places to get started with on primitives are our creatives community and beta users community! these communities each have their own chatroom which lets you meet with other primitives users, make new connections, and share ideas.
curious about finding creators to follow? take a look at our archives of creator profiles or pop into the discover page to see trending content.
what’s a primoji?
the primoji is the magical spirit of primitives ecosystem. think of it like a traditional emoji, but with a unique primitives spin. we use primojis to represent your identity on primitives. you get to select the primoji you feel best represents your personality when you sign up 🎉 
The ✨ Primoji Universe ✨
The ✨ Primoji Universe ✨
what are points and how do I earn them?
points are the way we track and reward engagement within the primitives universe. just about everything you do on primitives earns you points like setting up your profile, collecting moments, and logging in consistently. gather enough points and you’ll unlock special features and rewards.
what’s my primitives wallet?
when you sign up for primitives, we make you a digital wallet. this is where any moments you create or collect will live as a way to prove your ownership of them.
if you happen to have other digital wallets you can connect them to your primitives account so you can see all your assets in one place :) we currently support solana and ethereum-based wallet connection.


what’s a moment?
any content you mint on primitives is called a moment! when you mint a moment, you’re saving your content to the blockchain (functionally, you’re creating an nft).
you can mint any audio, video, or image that’s important to you as a moment (think songs, favorite pictures, sketches, and more)
moments are customizable! you can select a few different options including:
  • how many editions you want in your drop
  • what % of royalty fees you’d like to receive
  • labeling traits to better categorize your work
what can I do with my moments?
moments are more fun when you share them with friends! send your drop link to fans, friends, or even just your mom (who are we to judge). you can also collect moments from your friends or creators you follow.
why should I make a moment?
moments are an easy (and free!) way for your to save content that’s important to you. in addition, the guarantee your ownership of content.
let’s say you create a digital poster or a demo tape that you love! minting it as a moment lets you keep your work – and sharing it on primitives opens you up to a new community.
each moment can also unlock a chatroom if you choose during the minting process. this will let anyone who holds an edition from your drop send messages in a shared group chat. you’ll be able to connect with new creators and collectors, grow your network, and make new friends (all through a moment! pretty cool!)
how can I share a moment once i’ve minted it?
once you mint a moment, we give you a droplink and a QR code. you can use either to give your moment to friends. get sharing!
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if i create a moment, do i own it?
yes! any moment you mint on primitives is owned by you. we’re tired of social platforms where you don’t get to own your own content and we wanted to do something a little different 🙃
we even create a custom digital wallet where all your moments live, just so you can have them for safe keeping.
can I sell my moment?
yes! all moments can be sold. you can use a vetted marketplace like magic eden or opensea. coming very soon: the ability to buy and sell without leaving primitives 👀

sustainability & corporate responsibility

what can you tell me about the sustainability of primitives?
we’re committed to sustainability which is why we’ve intentionally chosen some of the most environmentally-friendly technology to support our platform. we use solana, a carbon-neutral blockchain.
if you’re curious to learn more about solana’s sustainability efforts, we recommend this taking a look at this report.
how does primitives think about representation?
we’re committed to cultivating a diverse, inclusive team because we believe it allows us to create a best-in-class platform for our users.
we’re also dedicated to ensuring that primitives is a platform where all creators can thrive, regardless of background. we’ve taken intentional steps with our product and accessibility to work to make this a reality.

privacy & security

how can i remove content?
if you minted something you’d like to remove, send us a note to and we’ll take it down for you right away :)

other questions

how can I partner with primitives?
wow, you’re in luck! let us re-direct you to our partnerships page where you can learn more :)
have a question not covered here? we’re happy to help 😎 feel free to slide in and send us an email at