Primitives FAQ
Primitives FAQ

Primitives FAQ

At Primitives, we’re excited to be building the easiest and most fun way to create, collect and share NFTs. Below are answers to frequently asked questions—feel free to navigate with the quick access menu or scroll down to find what you’re looking for.

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Primitives 101

What are you building at Primitives?
We are working to build the most accessible crypto wallet and the easiest, most joyful way to create and share NFTs. Our thesis is that wallets can be gateways to social networking and that NFTs will be a key token of digital identity. As part of this, we believe crypto wallets will be ubiquitous platforms for transaction and communication. We imagine a day where you’ll use Primitives to create NFTs to celebrate major life milestones, message friends & family, and send payments quickly and easily.
What is a Primitive NFT?
Any NFT minted on Primitives is called a “Primitive.” Currently, there are three types of Primitives: Personal, Moments, and Cards. See the next question to learn about each kind…
What kinds of Primitives (NFTs) exist?
For now, you can make two different types of NFTs on Primitives: a Primitive and a Moment. They contribute in different ways to your identity on Primitives.
  • Primitive: This your identifying NFT. Think of this like a dynamic, useful version of a profile picture. Your Primitive is for sharing with friends to connect you in the Primitives universe and unlock messaging.
  • Moments: These NFTs capture any moment from creators, communities, and brands. You can use Moments to commemorate any important activity or event like a party, trip, friendship, and more.
What can I do with my Primitives?
Primitives are more fun when you share them with friends. Send your Personal Primitive to others to unlock messaging and deeper connections. Create Moment Primitives and send them to your fans, friends, or even just your mom (who are we to judge). You can also collect Moments from your friends, brands, or from creators you follow.
Primitives can be sold on the open market if you wish! It’s easy to list a Primitive on an NFT marketplace like Magic Eden or Opensea. Stay tuned though, we’re constantly building new opportunities and features!
How do I grow my friend network on Primitives?
Simply put, give out your Personal NFT! Once you hold a friend’s Personal NFT and they hold yours in their wallet, you’ll be able to message each other. To start, you’ll have a limited number of Personal NFTs to give out, but you can unlock the ability to give out more by earning Points.
How can I partner with Primitives?
Wow, you’re in luck! Let us re-direct you to our partnerships page where you can learn more :)

Blockchain Basics

What is the blockchain?
A blockchain is a decentralized network of information and data. Rather than being governed by a single entity (like a company, government, non-profit, etc), it is spread between many nodes. This results in a few key attributes that make blockchains valuable:
  • Security: Because information on a blockchain is distributed rather than stored by one central entity, it is more resilient. In a traditional network, if the central entity is damaged (imagine a room of servers being flooded or hacked 😬) the entire network can cease to function. Within a blockchain, if one node is damaged, the network is still able to efficiently operate.
  • Permanence: When data is added to a blockchain, it becomes permanent and cannot be changed. This can reduce fraud and also improve attribution as there are clear, enduring records of transactions.
  • Transparency: Transactions are accessible and transparent for anyone to view because information is not being governed by one central entity.
A few popular blockchains include Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. At Primitives, we’ve decided to use Solana because of its speed and energy efficiency. You can read more about Solana here.
What is an NFT?
An NFT is a non-fungible token, a piece of media or information that has been published to the blockchain. Almost anything can be made into an NFT including art, collectibles, loyalty cards, music, and tickets.
How are NFTs different than other crypto-related assets? One simple way to understand is to think of cryptocurrency tokens as falling into two categories: fungible and non-fungible.
  • Fungible Tokens include things like Solana, Bitcoin, and Ethereum—virtual currencies where each token itself is exactly equivalent to another. For example, one Solana token will always be worth the same amount as another Solana token.
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are each unique and thus cannot be considered to interchangeable or equivalent to one another. For example, one Primitives NFT is not guaranteed to be worth the same amount as another Primitives NFT because the two may share different traits, characteristics, and values.
NFTs have a few key aspects that make them valuable:
  • Ownership: NFTs have a verified record of ownership because they exist on the blockchain. Anyone can prove their ownership of a specific NFT by analyzing the transaction history.
  • Transparency: Similarly, because all data related to the NFT exists on the blockchain, it is accessible to anyone. Imagine if you were able to see a record of anytime a painting was bought or sold, and who owned it. That’s what NFTs enable.
  • Incentives: NFTs allow for guaranteed royalties to be paid to original creators. When an NFT is minted, creators can set a royalty percentage (say, 5%), which ensures that they’ll receive a 5% cut of any future sales of the NFT.
What does it mean to “mint” an NFT?
Minting is the process of creating an NFT. It allows you to take any piece of information or media (ie. a photo, song, or video) and publish it to the blockchain so that the media is “imprinted” there. Because it exists on the blockchain, there is a permanent record of your ownership and an accessible log of any future sales or transactions of the NFT.
This allows you to secure ownership of your information or media so everyone knows you created it!
What is Solana?
Solana is a decentralized blockchain built to optimize for fast transactions, low costs, and sustainability. Think of it like the underlying infrastructure that supports the technology of what we’re doing at Primitives. We chose Solana because it is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly and fastest blockchains, two things that allow us to make Primitives a great product for you to use. One fact we think is cool: Solana is over 3,000x faster than Ethereum and over 10,000x faster than Bitcoin.
Primitives isn’t the only app built on Solana; the blockchain also supports other applications, NFTs, decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, and more.
How does a crypto wallet work?
A crypto wallet is a place to store your cryptocurrencies and other blockchain related assets like NFTs. We make a wallet for you automatically for you when you sign up for Primitives (you’re welcome!)
Every wallet has a wallet address. Think of the wallet address as the unique identifier for your wallet - it’s like a URL for a website. Anyone that has the address can find your wallet, see its contents (NFTs, tokens, and transaction history), and send crypto & NFTs to you.
Note: sharing your wallet address is safe! Nothing can be taken out of your wallet by others with just the address.
What is Solana Explorer?
Solana Explorer is a tool that allows anyone to explore transactions that have occurred on the Solana blockchain. Think of Solana Explorer as the crypto equivalent of being able to see and search for any credit card transaction, if that information were listed in the public domain. It’s incredibly powerful!
What kind of information can be found on Solana Explorer? You can easily see transactions like NFT purchases or mints and token transfers between wallets.
Anytime you mint an NFT on Primitives, that transaction can be viewed on Solana Explorer. We provide a link to view the transaction of Solana Explorer if you’re curious to check it out!


Can I change my Personal NFT?
For now, it isn’t possible to change your Personal NFT once you’ve set it. However, we are working on the ability to change and ✨ upgrade ✨ your Personal NFT in the future using Points (stay tuned 👀).
What is a Primoji?
The Primoji is the magical spirit of Primitives ecosystem. Think of it like a traditional emoji, but with a unique Primitives spin. We use Primojis to represent your identity on your Personal NFT. You get to select which Primoji you feel best showcases your personality. 🎉 
The ✨ Primoji Universe ✨
The ✨ Primoji Universe ✨
Why should I make a Moment NFT?
Moment Primitives allow you to connect with your community through shared ownership of a custom NFT, empowering them to grow together with you. You can use Moment NFTs to send to just one person or many. They can commemorate a friendship, serve as membership or loyalty cards, memorialize special occasions (parties, an album release, your pet rock’s birthday), or anything else you can dream up — we mean, go off 💅 the sky is the limit.
Moment Primitives lay the foundation for you to create value together with your community— whether that be friends, family, fans, or customers. The more you grow as a creator, the more the value of your audience’s Primitives grows. By minting Moments on the blockchain, it creates a shared record of connection with others that you’ll always have.
What options do I have when making a Moment NFT?
On Primitives, when you mint an NFT we allow you to customize a few settings. You can choose the royalty percentage you’ll receive on future sales of your NFT. For example, if you selected 5% royalties, you would receive 5% of the purchase price anytime your NFT was resold in the future. Get that bag, we see you 👀
You can also select how many NFT’s you’d like to be in your drop. Currently, you can create as many as 10 NFTs in a drop for free. Soon, you’ll be able to purchase additional NFTs to include in a larger drop.
Finally, you can choose to label your NFT by category and with specific traits that describe what you’ve created, like the colors used, the location, and the subject. If you are creating a collection of NFTs, you might choose to make specific traits more or less rare, which may affect the value of your NFTs if you choose to sell them.
How do I get more Moment NFT Primitives?
You can get more Primitives one of two ways: earning more points or purchasing them. After you earn 250 points, you’ll be able to unlock the ability to mint an additional 50 Moment NFTs. Alternatively, 50 Moment NFTs can be purchased for 5 SOL using your wallet.
Can I sell my Personal NFT or a Moment NFT?
Yes! All Primitives can be sold and re-purchased, including Personal NFTs, Moment NFTs, and Card NFTs. We recommend using vetted NFT marketplaces to list and purchase NFTs such as Magic Eden and OpenSea. Coming soon: the ability to buy and sell NFTs without leaving Primitives. 👀
How can I share an NFT once I’ve created it on Primitives?
Once you create a Personal or Moment NFT on Primitives, we give you a droplink and a QR code. You can use either to give your NFT to friends. Get sharing!
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If I create an NFT on Primitives, do I own it?
Yes! Any NFT you mint on Primitives is owned by you. Because the NFT is minted on the blockchain, this means there is also digital proof of your ownership. No one can claim to own your Primitive except for you.
This also means that you have the ability to sell your NFT if you’d like.


What can you tell me about the sustainability of Primitives?
At Primitives, we are committed to environmental sustainability. We recognize that giving everyone a home on web3 means making room for the planet too. That’s why Primitives lives on the energy-efficient and carbon-neutral Solana blockchain, considered to be one of the most sustainable options within crypto. For context, one transaction on Solana uses the same amount of energy as two Google searches, 20x less energy than using a lightbulb for an hour, and an incredible 3,808,161x less energy than a single Bitcoin transaction. Plus, the Solana Foundation is committed to offsetting the already low impact with offsets designed to make the entire network carbon-neutral.
What makes Solana a more sustainable option? Solana uses a mechanism called proof of stake” to validate transactions and secure the network. The TLDR is that this technology avoids the energy intensive mining activities that have contributed to higher energy usage on other blockchains like Bitcoin.
If you’re curious to learn more about Solana’s sustainability efforts, we recommend this taking a look at this report.

Points & Features

What are Points and how do I earn them?
Points are the way we track and reward engagement within the Primitives universe. Just about everything you do on Primitives earns you Points like setting up your profile, collecting NFTs from friends, and logging in consistently. Gather enough Points and you’ll unlock special features and rewards. To start, points can be used to upgrade your personal NFT, mint free Moments NFTs, and message friends. Playing is simple: the more Primitives you collect, the more rewards, experiences, and opportunities for connection will come your way.
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What does my portfolio performance mean?
Your portfolio performance is the aggregate score of all your financial activity across the wallets you have connected to Primitives. We calculate it by looking at the change in performance of any tokens you hold and the floor price of your NFTs over a 24-hour period.
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Privacy & Security

If I delete something from Primitives is it still stored on the blockchain?
Currently at Primitives, we only store data around NFTs on the blockchain. If you choose to delete a Primitives NFT from the platform, it won’t show up on your Primitives profile or on the profiles of any of the users who collected it. However, it will still live on the blockchain.
Have a question not covered here? We’re happy to help 😎 Feel free to slide in and send us an email at